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The Docksmith Team

Lee Goodwin   Owner, Dock maker, Jig Master, driftwood collector...

Lee Goodwin

Owner, Dock maker, Jig Master, driftwood collector...

Olivia Goodwin   Owner, Photography, marketing

Olivia Goodwin

Owner, Photography, marketing

Katie Francis   Owner, graphic design wiz

Katie Francis

Owner, graphic design wiz

Chris Francis   owner, dock maker, driftwood collector

Chris Francis

owner, dock maker, driftwood collector

What we do

On the Beaches 

Each beach is a treasure trove. We comb local and far-away beaches of Maine to find wood that has enough character to merit the long walk back to the truck. Some of our favorite places are in the quiet coves in the midcoast Maine area- Georgetown, Phippsburg, Harpswell and many more. Each and every piece is hand selected by Lee and Chris.

Into the Shops

After the wood has been dried in the sun or in our custom made kiln, it is processed in Chris and Lee's wood working shops. Lee works out of a beautiful 1700's barn where his dogs play and dust flys. Chris' shop is close to his home near a busy boatyard where "coffee breaks" and kabitzing are daily activities. Each piece is handcrafted in their shops. You may look at a piece of wood and see just a piece of wood, but somehow Chris and Lee create a gorgeous dock out of that same piece. It's loud, saw-dusty, and magical.

At the Studio

Once the sawdust settles, they sand and clean the wood before sending it off to Katie and Olivia to wire, brand, and photograph the finished docks. In our studio, in the historic Fort Andross Mill in Brunswick, Maine, the girls dream and scheme about our business while wearing the many, many hats of the small business owner- customer service, marketing, photography, branding, janitor, therapist, website maintenance, shipping, cheerleader, trade show designer... and the list goes on. Olivia is Lee's wife and Katie is Lee's sister so they talk about Lee a lot. And Chris is Lee's best friend from grade school and Chris is also Katie's husband so they talk about Chris a lot too.  Before the internet this business would have had a difficult time sustaining 4 people, but because customers from ALL over the world are able to find Docksmith, and appreciate what they see, and enjoy the concept, they are able to keep at it and find pride in what they do.

Thank you for visiting us and supporting our small business, it means so much. The honesty of our livelihood is something we truly cherish- we have thought of a unique product, crafted it and presented it to the world. Our customers see it, they like it and they spend their hard-earned cash on it. This is an artists dream and a entrepreneurs mission. THANK YOU!

100% Handmade and Eco Friendly 

The driftwood and birch for our docks is collected with the environment in mind. We carefully select wood from the beaches, lakes and forests of Maine that will not disturb eco-systems or natural habitats. We also do everything in house, right down to our recyclable packaging. Because all of our wood is found we do not destroy forests, use oil burning mill factories', or gas burning logging trucks to create our product. Our docking stations are minimally processed and made by hand in our own wood working shops. The only thing we outsource for is our Apple and Samsung made cables. Please let us know if you would like more information about our eco-friendly practices!